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TOEFL Preparation Course

TOEFL Preparation Course


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standard test taken to analyze if non-native English speakers are eligible to study in Universities with English as a first language. With the assistance of the best TOEFL classes, you can attain high TOEFL scores, preparing yourself for the upcoming challenges of studying in a native English-speaking country.

TOEFL Course Overview

TOEFL measures if a student is a competent user in order to pursue higher education in an English-speaking country. The professional Certifications of TOEFL is used for admissions, VISA applications, and enrollment in Universities and Colleges’ curriculum. Once attained, the TOEFL score is valid for 2 years. ETS Online Score Network, through the online exams, will access your TOEFL Test Score.

Approx. 12 Weeks
23 Classes
Course Certificates
NRP: 24,695

Course Curriculum

Format of TOEFL

Listening section

In the Listening section of TOEFL, you can get access to 2–3 sets of Listening materials, chances of them being long and short-set lectures and conversations can be seen. In the listening section, you can score higher based on the information you hear. The accurate delivery of the correct responses would add up scores.

  • Understanding key points, structure, important facts, and relevant guidelines for the Listening section
  • Understanding values and the relationship between ideas from the Listening section
  • Access to the author; opinion and implications

Format of TOEFL Listening Section:

Outline Details
Length of Lecture 40 minutes total
Number of question set 2–3 sets
Long set Format 17 questions and time duration is 10 minutes
Short Set Format 6.5 minutes to solve a total of 11 questions
Conversation questions 5 questions per 3-min long conversation
Total time for Lecture and Conversation section each 40 minutes
Lecture Questions 24–36 questions in total

Reading section

This section of TOEFL is about 700 words long reading section with 10 questions per passage. The reading passages are extracted from the textbooks of the University, and similarly, they cover a variety of subjects. Even when the text and glossary sound unfamiliar, you can grasp the text, and information is included in the passage itself to aid the students. You can get a good deal of information online regarding Reading text and videos.

Your ability to review factual information is assessed through the reading section of TOEFL. You can comprehend ideas in the reading passage and imply what these words actually bring to the table. Also, rhetorical purpose questions are similar, and these questions are not explicitly stated.

Format of TOEFL Reading Section

Outline Course Details
Length of Passage Around 700 words
Number of passages 3 to 4 passages
Questions 9 to 10 questions per passage
Total Time 54 minutes for 3 passages
74 minutes for four passages
Average Time per Question 1.5 Minutes

Writing Section

The writing section of TOEFL consists of a written response through the essay, well-developed and features relevant information in detail. Forming an opinion based on what you have read in textbooks, and a summary of information is expected from your side, with effective vocabulary and use of grammar.

Outline Details
Length of Task 20 minutes long integrated task (reading 3 min, Listening 2 min, and writing 15 min), 1 Independent Task (30 minutes)
Number of Tasks/Questions 2
Total Time 50 minutes

Speaking Section

Through the Speaking test, the ability of the students to summarize what they have read, pronunciation, and intonation patterns are examined. Effective Use of Grammar and Vocabulary are assessed through the speaking section, with topic development and other analytical abilities.

Outline Details
Length of Task 1 to 4 minutes each
Number of Tasks 4
Questions 1 question per task, 4 in total
Total Time 17 minutes and average time of 45-60 seconds per question

TOEFL Scoring

Each section, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening is scored on a scale of 0 to 30, and the overall score forms a TOEFL Score. The total score is 120, being the maximum one aims to score. TOEFL score is internationally recognized by colleges, Universities, and Educational Institutions around the World. The English Language Proficiency is assessed for the academic context of the students.

Step by Step for TOEFL Registration

There are two bases on which you can register for your TOEFL, you can check the official website or mail a Dollar-Denominated Bank Draft to the responsible authority. Also, you can register with an International Credit card. In many countries, the national banks offer you online registration services and help you pay the required TOEFL applicable fees using their credit card.

  • Step 1: Create a Profile on the Official Website of TOEFL.
  • Step 2: Log in to your TOEFL Account and Look for Test Centers and Test Dates
  • Step 3: Register for the Test SEF-Nepal (also known as The Fulbright Commission) and choose a TOEFL test center
  • Step 4: Set 4 score recipient Universities, to send your Score to them directly.

Benefits of TOEFL Preparation Classes

  • Familiarity with the TOEFL exam format
  • Enhanced English language proficiency and Analytical Skills
  • Effective test-taking strategies
  • Enhanced Communication and Time-management skills
  • Increased confidence for appearing in TOEFL
  • Expert Tutors and Guidance
  • Comprehensive Skill Development
  • Individualized Feedback

Why is TOEFL better than other English Language Proficiency Tests?

If you are aspiring to study in countries like Canada and the USA, TOEFL is preferred. About these countries, TOEFL stands out. If you are looking for VISA applications in other English native-speaking, you may prepare yourself accordingly, per the University's requirement.

What can you expect from the Best TOEFL Classes in Nepal?

  • Effective Curriculum: You can expect services from qualified and experienced instructors. A well-structured and effective curriculum shall be provided for those appearing in TOEFL exams, by Macro Hub.
  • Assessment of Learning: Students' abilities and analytical skills to crack the test questions are diagnosed, with customized learning options for TOEFL applicants.
  • Mock Test: Even, frequent practice and mock tests are provided to ensure familiarity with exam questions. The student's test-taking strategies and language skills are enhanced.
  • Personalized Attention: Making students aware of time management skills and giving personalized attention and the opportunity to seek the right assistance and guidance from the instructor is ensured.
  • Right Study Materials: Moreover, you can access high-quality study materials, online resources, and effective study preparation, to help students, improve their language proficiency, and work on their key areas.
  • Flexibility: Flexible class schedules are a plus point of Macro Hub Educational consultancy. Also, assistance with registration is provided, including, selecting test dates, location, and information on the registration process and fees.

Why Choose TOEFL from Macro Hub?

You can find expert TOEFL instructors and service providers in MacroHub Education. Even, the TOEFL Class options and schedules are flexible and can be provided on an online basis, based on the preference of the Students. The TOEFL classes in Kathmandu are running, and you can get different offers and package options for the best TOEFL services in Kathmandu. Macrohub ensures authentic counseling and guidance to a clear progression of knowledge, ideas, and test-taking strategies to score high in TOEFL.