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SAT Preparation Course

SAT Preparation Course

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test widely used to measure a student's readiness for enrolling in an Undergraduate degree in the USA and Canada. Since its beginning in 1926, it has been called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and now it has been changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test.

SAT scores have a bigger say in determining your scholarship. It is not only an English proficiency test but also, the mathematical and reasonable skills test of the applicants aiming to pursue higher education in USA and Canadian universities. Likewise, the SAT is an entrance Test for testing analytics in English and Math. The in-depth understanding of particular subjects, ideas, and topics is assessed to evaluate students.

Approx. 12 Weeks
23 Classes
Course Certificates
NRP: 12,000

Course Curriculum

How is the Digital SAT different from the Paper-based SAT?

Finally, the International SAT has gone Digital from Spring 2023 and the use of calculators has expanded with computer adaptive exams. International Students are analyzed based on their core preparation for Study in Canada and the USA. Since SAT Entrance Exams are changing to Digital form, what are the changes you can expect? As witnessed in March 2023, here are the reports of comparison.

Basis Digital SAT Paper-based SAT
Format Digital test taken on Laptop or Tablet Paper-pencil Test in Traditional Styles
Time Duration 2 hours 3 hours
Results Scores are Accessible within a Few Days May take about 2 weeks for the Result
Test Questions Unique Test for Each Student The same test form for Each Applicant
Use of Calculator Use of Calculator is Allowed on entire Math potion Only Available for One Math Section

When will USA aspiring students take the Digital SAT?

USA SAT will be made available in the Spring of 2023. The total score of 1600 remains intact in Digital SAT, however, only the Reading and Writing (RW) Section, and Math Section are available to appear.

Module of Digital SAT No of Questions Delivery Time
1st Module of RW 25 questions + 2 experimental questions 32 minutes
1st Module of Math 20 questions + 2 experimental questions 35 minutes
2nd Module of RW 25 questions + 2 experimental questions 32 minutes
2nd Module of Math 20 questions + 2 experimental questions 35 minutes

What are the Benefits of SAT Test Preparation?

  • Familiarity with the SAT exam format and question types
  • Enhanced reading comprehension and analysis skills
  • Improved grammar and writing skills
  • Strengthened math problem-solving abilities
  • Effective test-taking strategies and time-management skills
  • Increased confidence in facing the SAT exam

What are the Key Features of the SAT?

  • Sections: The traditional SAT consists of three main sections: Reading and Writing, Language, and Math. Additionally, there is an optional Essay section. In digital SAT, only the Reading/ Writing section and Math Section are available.
  • Format: The test is inclusive of multiple-choice questions, and some grid-in questions in the Math section. SAT is taken both in Paper-based and Digital form. You can also refer to the question modules and duration for digital SAT in the aforementioned table.
  • Scoring: Each section is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points, with a total possible score of 1600. The Essay section, which is optional, is scored separately on a scale of 6 to 24 points.

Scholarships and Opportunities with Good SAT Score

What are the average SAT Score Requirements for Scholarships in Top Universities in the USA? The competitive SAT Scores for scholarship opportunities in the USA and Canada are between 1500-1550. The overall SAT score can be above 1400, and for competitive advantage in Public and other Private Universities in the USA, you can refer to tips to help you improve your SAT Score.

University Average SAT Score for Scholarship
Brown University 1515
Duke University 1505
Princeton University 1515
University of Pennsylvania 1525
Rice University 1530
Cornell University 1505
Johns Hopkins University 1515
Washington University 1530
Stanford University 1520
University of California 1405

How to Prepare for SAT Courses?

Your Study preferences are key considerations and resources before deciding on a study plan. Likewise, you can prep your SAT courses early, to get comfortable with study and test contents. If you want to score high., staying optimistic and planning your study schedule is an effective way. Here are 7 Easy Tips to Increase Your IELTS Score:

  •  Focus on Upskills
  • Take Full Practice Tests
  • Be Aware of the Instructions
  • Time Management Skills
  • Learn the roots of Words and Vocabulary
  • Focus on Math Concepts, graphs, or Other Weak Areas
  • Invest in SAT Prep Resources and Books

Step by Step: SAT Registration Process

For Registration in the SAT, you need to make a College Board Account, first, and proceed accordingly. Here are 8 steps to your SAT Registration Process, the next step toward your desired Scholarship.

  • Step 1: Create a College Board Account and log in accordingly
  • Step 2: Click the Register Option on the SAT Registration Page and Start the Process
  • Step 3: Choose the Relevant Test Date and Location in Advance
  • Step 4: Review and Confirm your Selected Test Center and Date
  • Step 5: Submit Personal Information and Upload a Photo
  • Step 6: Choose Options of Scholarship Programs and Score Recipients Accordingly
  • Step 7: Pay the Applicable SAT Registration fee, i.e. $60
  • Step 8: Pay for the Admission Ticket and prepare for the SAT

Why is MacroHub best for SAT Preparation Class?

Here at MacroHub, our SAT course is designed to address the specific needs of students and maximize their potential in analytics, interpretation, and understanding of the course curriculum. Providing a higher success rate in Student VISA aligning with top-notch Preparation Guidelines and Materials is one of our goals.

The SAT Preparation Course is designed to help high school students develop the necessary skills and strategies to achieve a high score on the SAT exam.

  • Reading and Writing: We assist students in comprehending the right strategy to identify main ideas, interpret data, understand vocabulary, and recognize the purpose of a given text. Students will learn to identify errors and effectively improve clarity and coherence in reference to given passages. The SAT courses offer strategies for approaching different questions, improving sentences, and identifying ways to succeed.
  • Math: Math section courses at Macro Hub will aid students in enhancing their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Provides in-hand practice with a range of math questions in multiple-choice and Grid-in Questions. The course at Macro Hub will cover strategies for interpreting data from charts, diagrams, and graphs, and problem-solving. The main goal is to assist students in applying mathematical concepts to the real world and be eligible for US and Canadian studies.

Key Advantages of SAT Classes in MacroHub

If you do not join SAT preparation courses, you can miss out on these key advantages of Preparing for the SAT in MacroHub. The consultancy provides authentic counseling and services:

  • Best SAT Classes in Nepal
  • Flexible Learning Environment
  • Personalized Revision Classes
  • Experienced SAT Instructors
  • Affordable Fees for SAT Preparation Classes
  • SAT Prep Tips and Resources for Students
  • Effective Test-Taking Strategies
  • Practice and Mock Test for SAT Classes


SAT Preparation Classes are available in Kathmandu, in different educational consultancy. If you choose Macro Hub Education Consultancy, we ensure an effective test strategy and boost your analytical and mathematical skills for the SAT. Also, you can book for ongoing SAT Test Classes in Kathmandu.