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VISA Documents Requirement For Canada - Are You Eligible?

VISA Documents Requirement For Canada - Are You Eligible?

VISA Documents Requirement For Canada

Students who are recently aspiring to apply for a study permit in Canada shall get admission to their desired course and College/University before proceeding ahead. International students prior to making arrangements for VISA Documents should make up their mind to join respective courses of their interest. In this article, we discuss the VISA Documents and eligibility criteria for International students who are enthusiastic about pursuing their dream course in Overseas, especially Canada.

Required Documents for VISA processing for study in Canada

Aspiring to Study in Canada? Here is how you can arrange VISA Documents to get a study permit in Canada.

So, What are Canada student visa documents required?

Find a Detailed Analysis of the Canada student visa documents required in the table attached below:

Documents Required for Offer Letter

  • Application Form of Canadian Universities
  • Passport size photographs
  • A Valid Passport
  • Complete Academic Documents as required by Universities
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate (if required)

Documents Required for NOC Letter

  • Recent Photos
  • Citizenship (notarized)
  • Passport (notarized)
  • Notarized Academic Certificates and Documents
  • Offer Letter

Documents Required For Student Visa

  • Application Form of Universities in Canada
  • A Valid Passport
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC), for making payments
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Complete Academic Documents as required by Universities
  • Offer Letter from Universities
  • Bank Loan from A-Class Commercial Bank (40,000-50000 CAD)
  • Other Financial Documents

Are You Eligible To Study in Canada?

Canadian Student Exchange Program has facilitated students to pursue their desired courses in top-notch courses at Canadian universities. Your VISA Success Rate is usually determined based on your eligibility criteria and added benefits of your own personality and documents submitted.

As per the Eligibility criteria set by Canadian VISA Authorities, some common eligibility requirements are:

  1. 1. Being enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution
  2. 2. Financial Documents supportive of your capability to pay for:
    • Your Tuition fees
    • Living Expenses of You and Your Family Member
    • Transportation Fees for returning to your Native Country
  3. 3. No criminal Record Demonstrated in a Police Certificate
  4. 4. Medical Exam and Good Health Condition
  5. 5. Proof of Intention to Return Upon Expiry of Study Permit

What are the Required Academic Documents for Canada Student VISA?

International Students shall present their earlier academic documents before proceeding with the Student VISA process. Even genuine and complete Academic Documents and required certifications are demanded by the University before providing an Offer letter for students. Only after getting an Offer Letter from the University, students can proceed with admission, and college fees, and accordingly, proceed with the Student VISA application process. Here are Exactly different Academic Certificates required, considering which level of education you have completed earlier.

  • 10th & 12th Mark sheet, Migration and Provisional Certificates
  • Diploma’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/ Provisional Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate (Transcript if required)
  • Master’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate (Transcript if required)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Attended Colleges and Universities
  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Essay (as per Institutional Requirement)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Work Experience Letter if required

Is Work Experience Required for a Study Permit in Canada?

In certain cases, referring to the Universities the students are applying to, work experience could be requested. The work experience letter, if required of the prior job, should be submitted along with other essential documents prior to the offer letter.

It is inclusive of your past work experience, job roles, and tasks, duly signed and referred by the reporting Manager. In case of your relevant work experience in the past, you need to submit a copy of bank statements and salary slips too.

Is an English Language Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) Certificate necessary?

As per the updated provisions for the Student Exchange Program in Canada, the English Proficiency Test may not be an initial requirement for the Universities when providing an Offer letter. Some Canadian Universities provide an unconditional offer letter, for which an IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE score is not needed.

If you are applying for a Student VISA, the VISA authority may demand English Proficiency Certificates, and schedule an interview accordingly, which you need to prepare beforehand.

Canadian Student VISA Success Trends: 2020-2023

The number of Students enrolling in Canada has statistically increased in the recent intake of 2023. Because of the lack of quantity earlier due to pandemics, VISA Success Rate has started to improve from 2020 onwards. As per the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), the increase in the number of International Students in Canada from 2021 to 2022 is 31%. As per the data update for Nepali Students, Nepalese students studying at college increased to 51% in 2022. The Canadian VISA Success Rate for Nepalese candidates has reached almost 62% by the end of 2022. The number is expected to increase by the end of 2023.

7 Cheapest Canadian Universities You Can Apply

For an International student, looking for overseas opportunities, VISA procedures and College Expenses, no doubt, is a huge investment for a better future. If you are looking for economical options, you can refer to these 7 cheap Universities in Canada.

S. No. Name of University Bachelor Degree’s Tuition per year Graduate Degree Tuition per year Location
1 University of Montreal Around $ 30,000 to $ 35,000 CAD Approx. $ 23, 500 to $ 26, 700 CAD Montreal, Quebec
2 McGill University Approx. $ 50,000 – $ 56,000 CAD Approx. $ 8615 – $ 23,500 CAD Montreal, Quebec
3 University of British Columbia In between $52500 and $59000 CAD Approx. 13000 to 18000 CAD Vancouver Canada
4 University of Toronto $57000 – $84000 CAD $ 8500 to $10,000 CAD St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga
5 Brandon University $19000 to $23,000 CAD CAD $ 8, 500 to $ 10,000 Brandon, Manitoba
6 Universite De Saint-Boniface $12800 to $15000 CAD Approx. $21, 100 to $25, 000 CAD Winnipeg, MB
7 Cape Breton University CAD $14,000 – $17,000 20,000 to 28000 CAD Nova Scotia

5 Common Reasons for VISA Rejection for Canada

If you're wondering what could be the factor for you to stop from pursuing education in Canada, you need to access these pieces of shared information.

  1. 1. Inaccurate or Insufficient Canada Student VISA Documents required

    One of the main reasons why your VISA could get rejected is because of the inadequacy or completeness of the VISA Documents required. If the accessed information is inaccurate, chances of your VISA getting rejected could also be seen.

  2. 2. Lack of Financial Resources to Sustain in Canada

    If your documents are not vouching enough for your sustenance in Canada, chances of VISA rejection could be seen. Even as a part of the eligibility criteria, you need to demonstrate and submit proof of your financial resources to meet your living expenses, tuition fees, and required transportation fees to travel across the country if needed. You will face an increased rate of VISA rejection, in case your documents are not supporting you in financial forte.

  3. 3. Medical Report

    Your VISA may be automatically disqualified, if you fail the Medical Exam. The Canadian Authority demands a healthy individual to be taken for a Student VISA. Hence, consistency in your health report is expected from your end.

  4. 4. Criminal Records

    In case, your Police report shows your indulgence in any sort of criminal activities in the past, and you manipulated the documents when submitting the VISA documents, chances of disqualification are seen.

  5. 5. Lack of Travel History

    Even, if all the documents are duly submitted and found consistent, sometimes, your lack of travel history could object to your VISA process. Your concerns about traveling to Canada and not other countries could be questioned, which you need to be conscious about.

7 Mindful Tips to Avoid Student VISA rejection in Canada

I can understand your concerns about using these mindful tips to increase your VISA acceptance factors., Above you have understood how VISA are rejected over mundane reasons, and inconsistency of documents, hence, you need to be mindful of these.

  1. 1. Proper listing and duly Submission of Canada Student VISA Documents required
  2. 2. Careful filing of VISA application with revision of details submitted.
  3. 3. You are advised to cross-check all information you have attached in your VISA application process.
  4. 4. Make sure you get an additional copy of the VISA documents for future reference.
  5. 5. With anticipated research, you can prepare a decent Statement of Purpose.
  6. 6. You are advised to mention your travel history and VISA rejections, if any.
  7. 7. Ensure proper Financial Documents before applying for Canada.


In reference to the aforementioned text, it can be deduced that Canadian Student VISA documents play a pivotal role in shaping success stories. International and Nepalese Students applying for Canada by meeting all the eligibility criteria and submitting required documents consistently and accurately can increase their chances of student VISA approval.

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