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Top 10 In-demand Courses to Study in Australia

Top 10 In-demand Courses to Study in Australia

The educational system in Australia is among the most renowned and top-notch for Nepalese students. When enrolling in a particular major, students must be aware of the growth potential, exposure, and extensive knowledge they are gaining, and even feel related to completing the course by heart.

If you desire for high-quality education, Australia is reasonably a good option. QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2024, also listed that Australia has seven of the best cities. Additionally, you can get affordable accommodation, advanced technology, transportation, and quality services in Australia, which makes it a more popular destination among Nepalese students.

Top 10 Best Courses to Study in Australia for Bachelors Students

College students, who are willing to pursue their higher education in Australia must know this amazing fact. For shaping their career paths what are the major in-demand courses in Australia? Join us to browse mainly college majors that are in in-demand for 2024.

Most current job trends, career interests, and societal pressure may sometimes cause them to make alternate decisions. Influenced by salary potential, internship opportunities, and career growth, learners tend to shift their focus midway. Explore the list of the 10 Best In-demand Courses to Study in Australia for International Students.

1. Computer Science (IT)

Computer Science Engineering in Australia is a popular choice for students who want to explore more in machine learning, global tech, database systems, and more popularly AI. In Australia 3 to 4 years of Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is available. Completing Bachelor’s and Master’s Courses in Computer Science from Australia provides you with global job prospects and the demand for computer science graduates is increasing at a great pace.

As of 2024, for a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Computer Science and Computer Systems, the annual tuition fee costs Australian $25,000 to $55,000. Some of the top programs, for full-time, 4 years Bachelor in Computer Science are:

Name of University Average Cost Per Year (AUD)
University of Sydney AUD 50,000
University of Queensland AUD 49,000
Monash University AUD 48,000
UNSW Sydney AUD 28,500
Australian National University AUD 51,000

Besides these, doing a Master’s course MS in Computer Science in Australia is also a good idea to get a world-class education in computer science, networking, and systems. You can study in Australia with annual costs of A$15,000 to $40,000 for an MS in Computer Science.

2. Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing courses are a popular and highly demanded course in Australia. If you want to become a registered Nurse in Australia and make annually over $75,000, choosing Nursing would be a good idea.

Since the emergency outbreak of COVID around the World, the demand for healthcare professionals and nurses has increased. Licensed Nurses in Australia have many scopes and are expected to be in Top Demand for a few more years.

Over 66 Colleges provide Nursing Master in Australia. You can easily get an internationally recognized license and develop more skills through practice in Australia.

Name of University Average Cost Per Year (AUD)
Queensland University AUD 40,000
University of Adelaide AUD 43,000
Monash University AUD 41,600
University of Sydney AUD 41,300
University of Melbourne AUD 46,500

The average cost to study for a Master in Nursing in Australia is AUD 30,000 to AUD 50,000 per year, depending on the University, location, and program you apply for. Nursing fees in Australia for International Students can get relatively high, but it is worth it to pursue Nursing to secure your future.

3. Engineering

Engineering in Australia for Nepali Students can be a good scope, and a number of job scopes with good payslip around the year is provided to engineers. Skilled professionals like engineers are in demand in Australia. Top Universities in Australia offer Bachelor in Engineering services in high-quality catering to the needs of Construction, Automotive, and other Substation. Engineers in Australia fees cost on average between 37,000 to 49,000 USD per annum. You can specialize in Material Engineering, Aerospace, Mechatronics, and Civil. Chemical, Electrical, and Marine Engineering. From relative problem-solving to carrying out complex mechanics, engineers are needed. On average Entry-level engineers can make $94,000 per year. With the increase in experience, they can make above $155,000 per annum.

As per Forbes, Petroleum Engineers, Computer Hardware Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, and Chemical Engineers are listed as the highest highest-paying engineering jobs of 2023. The average cost of a Bachelor's in Australia in the Top-rated Universities are:

Name of University Average Annual Fee (AUD)
University of New South Wales $49,600
University of Queensland $51,200
RMIT University $45,800
Australian National University $48,300
University of Wollongong $45,600

For the Master’s Level Engineering Program, the applicable fees are between $36,000 to $ 48,000. These fees may be depending on the course program and location you apply for.

4. Health Care

Australian Health Care is ranked at the top among other countries. As the medical field is expanding, medical and healthcare professionals are high in demand in Australia. Public health programs in Australia at the Bachelor level are suitable for International Students. Total Tuition fees for Master in Health Administration in Australia range between 45,000-87,980 AUD.

At a care level in Australia, you can come in a reputed job position with a salary annually around AU$63,750 on average. It may vary from person to person, their wage rate, position, and experience level.

Name of University Average Annual Tuition Fees (AUD)
University of Western Australia $48,600
University of Adelaide $46,600
Victoria University $42,000
University of Sydney $51,000
Monash University $50,200

For the Healthcare sector, you can get popular Scholarships like, Australia Awards Scholarships, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP), and others to ensure budget-friendly living expenses and tuition fees in Australia.

5. Psychology

Psychology in Australia is a recognized degree around the World. Clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and organizational psychology are some of the highly demanded professions in Australia. To register in Psychology in Australia, a minimum duration of 8 years of education and training, 3 Board-approved accredited Bachelor courses, 1 year Honors, a 2-year Master Course, and 2 extra years of training.

Critical Thinking, being prepared to work with others, and analyzing the viewpoints of others are some major skills that you are going to develop over years of study and research. The scope is endless if you want to be a licensed Psychologist in Australia. Your research methods and psychological assessment can be rewarding with endless career opportunities in Psychology in Australia.

QS World Ranking 2024 Name of University Average Annual Cost (AUD)
12 University of Melbourne A$ 41,500
19 University of New South Wales Sydney A$ 42,500
26 University of Queensland A$ 40,500
37 University of Sydney A$ 39,500

Top-ranked Universities in Australia offer Bachelor's degrees in psychology in Australia. The Cost for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science is estimated from AUD 25,000 to AUD 35,000. For a Master’s degree in Psychology in Australia the price ranges for annual tuition fees on an average of AUD 30,000 to 50,000.

6. Architecture

Architecture is one of the most demanded skills in Australia. You can get permanent residency in Australia with an architecture course and receive significant skills and recognition over the years. From Landscape Architect, Architectural Designer, to Commercial Architect, there are several high-paying careers in this field.

Entry-level architects in Australia can also make around $75,000 to $81,000 in the major cities in Australia. The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is responsible for monitoring the rules, regulations, and volunteering work for the Architecture field.

Name of University Average Annual Tuition Fees (AUD)
University of Queensland $46,600
University of Melbourne $49,690
University of Adelaide $47,900
Victoria University $44,000

7. Agriculture Science

Agriculture science is one of the growing educational fields in Australia. Job opportunities are also appealing for International students with a degree in Agriculture. For BSC Agriculture in Australia, the average salary ranges between AUD 50,000 to 150,000 per annum. For research centers, institutions, manufacturing units, and farms, a number of agricultural experts is demanded every year. The Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture (ACDA) governs agricultural education and research.

Name of University Average Annual Tuition Fees (AUD)
University of Sydney $50,000
University of Melbourne $49,500
University of Western Australia $45,300
University of Tasmania $45,500

By completing your education in Agriculture science, you can earn significantly working as an animal scientist, agronomist, and plant pathologist, and work under government projects as well.

8. Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is also a popular in-demand course to study in Australia. Actuaries are known for minimizing the risk of an organization, industry, banking, investment, and other sectors, with their mathematical, statistical, and analytical skills. You can work as an actuarial analyst, risk analyst, investment analyst, or underwriter, and make over $100,000 per year with your expertise.

Name of University Average Annual Cost (AUD)
RMIT University $45,940
Victoria University $44,000
Australian National University $48,100
University of Melbourne 449,600

9. Teaching

Like other courses, Teaching is also a highly accredited course in Australia, and the demand for qualified teachers is also increasing in Australia. The average cost of studying for a master of education degree in Australia can range between $55,000 to $91,000 per year. You need to be in compliance with the Australian Qualifications Framework, to be a teacher and instructor in Australia. Teachers in Australia make money from $65,000 to $130,000 per year, distinct based on experience, expertise, and caliber of an individual.

Career options available for teachers are, University lecturers, Special Education Teachers, Educational administrators, Curriculum Developers, and others. For enrolling in a Bachelor’s level Teaching, B. Ed. program in Universities in Australia, the tuition fees and education costs are as follows:

Name of University Average Annual Tuition Fees(AUD)
University of Wollongong $45,000
Victoria University $44,000
University of Adelaide $46,000
University of New South Wales $49,600

10. Business Administration

Business Administration and Studies graduates in Australia have a range of career opportunities in Australia. They can work independently as a financial analyst, Marketing Managers, Project managers, or Entrepreneurs, and the job titles are endless for business graduates. Based on their qualification and experience, they can make money on an average of $65,000 at the beginning and may make over $100,000 AUD per year.

Name of University Average Annual Tuition Fees (AUD)
Swinburne University $44,500
University of Sydney $53,000
University of New South Wales $49,600
Victoria University $44,000


Studying in Australia can offer you highly professional education courses, and a number of opportunities to be successful in your career afterward. Though the educational costs seem relatively expensive for International students, the Universities provide Scholarships for students to grow and learn with them. With the right course selection in your study in Australia, you can be one of the global leaders vouching for a change. Contact, Macro Hub for more information regarding admission to aspired Universities in Australia.

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