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How to study in the USA without IELTS? Get the process!

How to study in the USA without IELTS? Get the process!

Are you planning to study in the USA without IELTS for higher studies and confused about how you can get to your dream destination? You are on the right platform, where you can get your ultimate guide on how you can have overseas educational opportunities in the USA.

What about IELTS? Are you seeking a way you skip the IELTS to join one of the top Universities in the USA?

With the emerging trend of students flying abroad, you seem to have developed an aspiration to secure your future abroad. So, here you are willing to know what the USA scopes and criteria have to offer you in hand.

Can You study in the USA without IELTS?

Is IELTS mandatory to pursue your higher education in the USA? Well not anymore, there are some educational Universities in the USA that enrolls foreign students without IELTS. You might be wondering how I can proceed ahead with my educational pursuits and Student VISA without IELTS.

So, what are the criteria that allow you to be eligible to study in the USA without IELTS?

  • If you belong to a country where English is your First Language, you may not need a language proficiency test like IELTS.
  • There are also alternative language proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and Cambridge English exams that could be alternative courses to opt for higher studies in the USA.
  • Provided you have earlier academic experience or work-related experience in an English-speaking country, the IELTS requirement may be waved off in your case.
  • Enrolling in Universities Bridge Courses that allows you to meet the federal requirement for direct admission in US academic courses, may allow you to skip the IELTS courses.
  • Joining in the Intensive English Learning Programs offered by the Universities, you can study in the USA without IELTS.

What are the Requirements to study in the USA without IELTS?

So, aspiring to fly to the USA to study? You can begin by researching and shortlisting your educational choices and seeking guidance from top educational consultancies in Nepal. As the USA has been having variance and rigidity in their VISA application basis, it is natural for you to lead doubts, if you could make up for it. It is now possible for you to access academic excellence as you desire in the USA without IELTS. And for that, you may need proper documentation. Here is exactly how you can Study in the USA without IELTS!

Get hold of these documents and ease your journey to VISA Applications. You shall make arrangements of the below-mentioned documents to make a hassle-free application for your Student VISA:

S.No. Required Documentation for Study in the USA
1. A Valid Passport
2 passport size photograph
3 Confirmation page of DS-160
4. Form I-20
5. Duly payment of Application fees for SEVIS
6 Letter of confirmation and other requirements from the University
7. Proof of Monetary Funds
8. Proof of Accommodation
9. Academic Transcripts,
10 Healthcare Cover

i) A Valid passport

A Valid passport from your country of origin is required before applying for the USA Student Exchange program and enrolling in your desired academic pursuits.

ii) Passport Size Photograph

Passport-size photographs are required in order to complete your application for US Studies.

iii) Online Non-immigrant Visa Application(DS-160)

Getting a confirmation page of DS-160 is one of the foremost steps to complete your application to study to the USA. It generally takes around 90 minutes to complete this while you may go to the Consular Electronic Application Center website and begin applying by selecting your desired Embassy. By entering your application ID number on clicking upon the Option C-Retrieve Application, you can get access to the confirmation page and may use it accordingly in printed form.

iv) Form I-20

I-20 is a multipurpose US document that is provided to a student under the USA educational scheme where they can be eligible to apply for social security benefits. It is granted after proper documentation and demonstration of sufficient financial resources for the International students to accommodate and stay in the United States.

v) Duly payment of Application fees for SEVIS

Duly payment of Application fees for SEVIS is another fundamental requirement to proceed ahead with your US application. Generally, SEVIS fee is $350 for an F1 VISA. You can pay it via check or money order while it may take three business days for the payment to be received and verified.

vi) Letter of Confirmation from the University

The letter of Confirmation or acceptance is a mandatory document that allows you to study in the USA without IELTS. While, you may also tally with other required documents based on the University you have opted for.

vii) Proof of Monetary Funds and Accommodation

Financial resources and Monetary funding are key factors that allow you to sustain in the USA. And the US government demands proof of these monetary funds to have insights on whether you can be accommodated in the USA or not.

viii) Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts give brief insights on your earlier high school or relevant educational experiences. It allows the Universities to take a look at your qualifications and eligibility for learning.

ix) Health Care Cover

Documentations involving how international students in the USA would cover their health care plans and medical insurance are key points taken into consideration while lodging a VISA for the USA.

How to Enroll in US Universities without IELTS?

Since the course assessment in the USA is possible without IELTS. You may go through these top Universities, where the IELTS score is not listed as a federal requirement. Doesn't this excite you? You can study in these top Universities without IELTS courses,

  1. 1. University of Delaware
  2. 2. University of North Alabama
  3. 3. University of Arkansas
  4. 4. University of New Orleans
  5. 5. Rice University
  6. 6. National Louis University
  7. 7. Drexel University
  8. 8. University of IOWA
  9. 9. Harvard University
  10. 10. North wood University
  11. 11. University of Dayton

What are the benefits of going to the USA without IELTS?

As US Universities are accepting applications without IELTS, you can have a hassle-free departure and even plunge yourself into the native-speaking US public with your determination. You may be wondering what could be the benefits to International Students when they choose to go to the USA to study without IELTS. Let me spill you with the secret.

  • The application process becomes more accessible and time-saving

    When IELTS requirements are waived off from the criteria to apply for the US study, international students find it easier, more efficient, and optimized to timely submit their application, with no added stress of additional Test preparation.

  • Gain more confidence and fluency in the English language Environment

    Students who travel to the USA for higher studies can gain more confidence and have proficiency in languages and also embrace the opportunities to improve their abilities and language skills in a more confident manner.

  • Multicultural Environment

    Students are pursuing their desired academic courses in the USA. This also allows them to immerse themselves in an environment that is multi-diversified and multicultural in nature.

  • Flexibility in Academic Pursuits

    Flexibility is what students eye on when choosing to adapt to the lively and vibrant culture of the Universities to which they are applying. International students often find it enthusiastic and more interested in academic excellence, as their desired programs are available at US Universities.


In general, IELTS could be a necessity in some Universities, while it may not be the case in some Universities. It depends and you can access this information. In relevance to the situation, you may apply to the opportunities and specialized educational programs based on your preference by choosing the right educational consulting services.

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