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Study in the USA: Top Websites to Explore Your Opportunities in America

Study in the USA: Top Websites to Explore Your Opportunities in America

Stop wasting your valuable time digging up around the internet. We present you with some of the key websites to navigate your journey to study in the USA. 

Studying in the USA as an international student is indeed a transformative journey you will be able to unlock your potential and shape yourself into the best version. The United States of America has been a flare for educational opportunities which is attracting students all over the globe. The USA offers academic excellence with some of the highly ranked global institutions and programs which are not only with rigorous academics but also with innovative teaching-learning methods. 

Moreover, the United States of America is also known famously as the melting pot of the world with its rich culture, diverse ethnicity, and unique opportunities which will provide you with a chance to explore the world with a broad perspective and foster your understanding of global connections. However, it is essential for you to navigate the complexities of your academic, financial, and cultural aspects. Therefore, plenty of preparation will be necessary for you to grab the myriad opportunities that will come to you as an International student and will aid you to ace your performance in the USA. 

Websites to Streamline Study in The USA - Choose Why? 

Leveraging the online resources and websites for your planning to study in the USA will offer you numerous advantages that will enhance your efficiency aid in your performance and will further ensure the effectiveness of the planning process. 

These flexible and accessible websites will allow you to have real-time updates on the Visa and application process and academic deadlines. Along with this, such websites offer:

  1. 1. A detailed profile of universities along with the academic programs,
  2. 2. Admission requirements  
  3. 3. Accommodation and food 
  4. 4. Students' stories of campus life. 
  5. 5. Scholarship opportunities,
  6.  6. Financial aid options, 
  7. 7. Visa requirements and application process

Also, some of these websites are dedicated to giving you all the necessary information about the application deadline while others offer online forums for the applications, blogs to explore the cultural challenges, and social media groups to help you gain a perspective of the differences and tips to plot your route to the USA. 

Explore Top 10 Websites for Study in the USA from Nepal

It can indeed be a tough task to maneuver your route to study in the USA, given the numerous arrays of opportunities along with complexities and obstacles in the application process. Providentially, some of the well-known websites serve with comprehensive guidance for you to pursue your academics and navigate your way through the USA as an International student. 

Here are some of the major websites for you to explore the opportunities especially to study in America:

1. General Study Abroad Resources for the USA Study Guide

While you plan your higher level of education in the USA, the foremost aspect for you to scrutinize is regarding the college, culture, scholarship, and the overall procedure to get there. The general study abroad resources for your study in the USA from Nepal requirements are mentioned below: 


Education USA is a U.S Department of State Network that is active in terms of providing and promoting U. S. higher education to the student with a network of over 430 international students has established its advising centers in more than 175 countries in the world and is focused to provide the information on scholarships, the application process, and university profile. It is considered one of the official sources of U.S. higher education. 

US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 

The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs consists of more than 160 countries around the globe. This is the official website of the US government agency which offers its guidance on the Visa process, Cultural exchange, and other opportunities. This further designs and implements the professional programs and cultures. Also, this website will provide you with insight into the process of getting into academic intuition through sports, educational, and cultural aspects. 

Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)

The Council of Graduate Schools is a non-profit organization that works to research and conduct activities that serve to advance graduate-level education and promote U.S. competitiveness in the global market. Moreover, it is dedicated to providing resources on the graduate admission process, funding, and other internship forefronts. 

College Board 

College Board is a  website that will provide you with information about the test you will have to write for your college admissions in the USA. Some of the standardized tests including SAT are necessary for the admission process. Thus, the college board will offer the resources for the test preparations along with the mock tests, test scores, and other career tools. The college board also mentions the access to various college board programs. 

University-Based Websites To Study In The USA

The United States of America serves you with thousands of educational institutions and college programs to reveal your true potential and match your interests. Digging up to all of these colleges can be a tiring process. Therefore, below are the websites that will give you insight into the college profiles that correspond to your lures. Some of the major websites are given as follows: 

College Navigator  

This is one of the consumer information and free tools that is authorized by the United States Department of Education which will help you to search for numerous criteria, including your personal preference on location, programs, scholarships, and aid options. College Navigator includes program offered, retention and graduation rates, degree awarded, and campus safety. 


Peterson’s is an educational service company that is devoted to helping you uncover, schedule, and subsidize your education in the USA. Also, this website helps you to prepare for standardized tests and licensure exams like the SAT, GRE, and NCLEX. Also, this website will help you to have an insight into the schools of your desire with a range from culinary to media schools and many others. 


Niche is a website that provides in-depth profiles of schools and colleges in America. Furthermore, the Niche website consists of more than 140 million reviews and ratings for the college and you can select the one that fits you in terms of the programs the college offers, location, infrastructure, and many more. Also, Niche has detailed reviews from the alumni and students regarding the campus life. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources to pursue your Study in USA from Nepal 

Scholarships and financial aid will help you to fund your education thoroughly. The USA and various institutions of the USA provide you with necessary grants for you to pursue your studies as per the merit, need, and further the program you choose. The given websites will help you subsidize your journey. 


Fastweb, a website for you to ace your study in America, is a scholarship search engine that will help you have access to scholarships from various colleges including college scholarships, financial aid, and trade school scholarships that match your qualification and interest. Graduate colleges and vocational schools are made further affordable with this platform.

International Scholarships 

The International Scholarship is an outlet of scholarship portals where you can fund your tuition and find numerous opportunities. Similarly, International Scholarship provides scholarships that are awarded on the basis of various subjects including merit-based, need-based, and chosen field of study. This will help you find a comprehensive list of grants and loan programs as well for you to pursue your studies in the USA. 

Education USA Financial Aid 

The Education USA is the U.S. Department of the State Network which is a platform that offers updated and accurate information about the institutions of the United States and the grants they provide. This website has a network of over 430 international students who actively counsel through the centers established in 175 countries. You can have the information about the scholarships and further apply through the website. Also, you can have access to the U.S. embassy, consultancies, and universities. 


Moving forward in the pathway of your USA studies, the aforementioned websites and online resources will be a priceless asset. Thus, you can look forward to employing such websites for a comprehensive analysis of your academic terrain along with the grant and scholarship options, and further having general discernment about your future life in the USA. With the necessary research along with the careful planning and enthusiasm to ace the process, you will be able to bring out a positive transformation into your desires and dreams and venture on the journey to academics in America. If you have any queries feel free to contact Macrohub Educational Consultancy.




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