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Student Visa Process for Australia from Nepal: Step-Step Process

Student Visa Process for Australia from Nepal: Step-Step Process

As an aspirant to study overseas, you can do detailed research, plan, and get authentic counseling services. The student VISA process for Australia is now feasible for all. Nepalese students, traveling to Australia for higher studies, have their own academic success stories.

In this blog, you can get insights on a step-by-step process to apply for a Student VISA in Australia. Australia has been a favorite educational hub for international students, with better opportunities for Personality Development and Career Growth.

Step-by-step Process to Apply for an Australia Student Visa

Step 1: Choose a University or College in Australia

The first step before proceeding with a VISA application in Australia is choosing the desired courses and demanded course trends in Australia. You can begin by shortlisting and researching the affordable and premium courses in Top Universities in Australia. You can take the required time to browse through the University's Websites, Different programs, and Amenities the University provides for the Students. Make sure you research and look through the annual tuition fees, accommodation services, and living expenditures within different regions of the Country.

After having the assessment of the academic plans and courses of your choice, you can plan to enroll in the University and college of your choice. Research well on the college that meets your preferences and accordingly, make an informed choice.

Step 2: Arrange the VISA Documents required for Applying to the University

Upon proper and designated research, you can now select the University of Choice. Also, you can fill in the application form for the University. As per the Home Affairs official website of Australia, the following are the required VISA Documents:

  1. 1. Identity documents, inclusive of:
    • Valid passport
    • National Identity Card
    • Documents ensuring Proof of change of name, if any,
  2. 2. Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)
  3. 3. Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student form
  4. 4. Overseas Student Health Cover
  5. 5. A complete Academic Documents
  6. 6. English Language Proficiency Test
  7. 7. Genuine temporary entrant documents
  8. 8. Evidence you have enough money for your stay
  9. 9. Evidence you are exempt from paying a visa application charge (VAC)

Step 3: Receive an Admission Acceptance Offer Letter from the University

Upon submission of the required document, the next step for you is to wait for the offer letter from the University you applied. After receiving the acceptance letter, it is now evident that you are qualified for the educational program that you have selected. You can then analyze the received letter, and if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the Educational Institution, you can proceed ahead.

Step 4: Pay applicable Admission Fees and Keep the Receipt

The next step of enrollment into the University program of your preference is by paying the applicable annual tuition and admission fees as mentioned in the acceptance letter of the University. You are requested to keep the Payment receipt safe for future reference.

Step 5: Fill in the Application to Apply for Australia VISA

You must apply online for Student VISA in Australia. Afterward, you can be enrolled in a course of study in Australia. For proceeding, the applicable VISA charge is AUD $630 as per Australian policies, and it varies based on the type of VISA you choose.

What are the benefits of a Student VISA in Australia?

  • Participate in an eligible course of study in Australia
  • Travel in and out of Australia as mentioned in the VISA document
  • Work up to 48 hours a fortnight during your study or training session

Step 6: Submission of VISA documents

You can start processing and lodging a VISA upon submission of the required documents. Proofreading is key here, as you are expected to avoid any false and misleading information in your VISA application form.

Following all the guidelines, when submitting documents, and double-checking details, and keeping copies of the documents are suggested.

Step 7: Prepare for Interview

After submission of the VISA application, you can get yourself for the scheduled Interview. The interview has a major say in your VISA decision.

You can track your Australian VISA interview with honesty and confidence. Clear and conscience answers are required. Also, they may show interest in the University or College program you have opted for and the reason for the same. They will analyze your real intentions and plans for further studies and settlement.

Step 8: Follow the Procedure after Interview

What are the Key factors to Consider and Abide by after submitting your Student VISA for Australia?

  • Biometrics

    Students will be provided with 14 days to submit biometrics in advice after applying for the Student VISA application for Australia. You can arrange biometrics and, accordingly, submit it as per instructions in the request letter in your ImmiAccount.

  • Health Exams

    You can appear in the Health Examination and even submit the medical referral letter in your Health Assessment Portal (HAP) ID. The assessments are done to protect the Australian committee from any sort of public health and safety risks. Also, you need to have a Valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

  • Stay lawful in Australia

    The Australian government expects you to be staying lawfully in compliance with the terms and order of the stay and travel accordingly.

Step 9: VISA Outcome

The VISA Outcome comes in written form if it is under review, accepted, or rejected. The VISA authority will notify you in written form about the decision of your VISA application.

After acceptance, you are provided with:

  • Your visa grant number
  • visa expires Date
  • your visa conditions

Keeping a copy of the decision of VISA with you when in Australia is suggested. By any chance, if your VISA is refused, you are not entitled to a refund of the application charge. You can wait for the VISA result accordingly, and it may take several weeks to months to analyze the VISA application.


Step 10: Receive Study Permit

When your VISA is accepted, you will successfully receive the study permit application. You can re-check the information submitted and also keep in mind the visa expiry day, and start and end date of the program. Also, a condition that applies to your stay in Australia is to be acknowledged carefully.

Step 11: Travel Arrangement

You can make your travel arrangement accordingly, and make an early departure before your course begin at the University. This move of yours will help you ensure the necessary time for settlement.

You can check upon accommodation options, and weather conditions, and prepare to adjust accordingly in a new environment. You can also get familiar with the policies of the country and even carry some Australian currency along, in case you need them upon arrival. Not only that, but you can also inform your University about your arrival in Australia.

Step 12: Arrive in Australia

The final and most desired step is your arrival in Australia. Finally, you can take your important documents along and arrive in Australia to achieve your dreams and aspirations.


All in all, it would be a great opportunity for you to study in Australia and shape your academic and personal growth. Though the initial phase of application may appear confusing and hectic, but as you maintain and keep in tune with the procedures, you can be prepared to secure an Australia Student VISA. Our team would be happy to provide you with authentic counseling and VISA services as required.


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