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IELTS vs PTE: Which Test is Right for Your Study Abroad Plans?

IELTS vs PTE: Which Test is Right for Your Study Abroad Plans?

Are you confused about which test is good, PTE or IELTS? If you are looking for Test Preparation Classes for your study in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia, let us suggest which test is right for you, in our detailed comparative and informative blog.

IELTS vs PTE: Which Test is Right for You?

Compared to IELTS Vs PTE, IELTS is more widely accepted worldwide. Both of them are highly accredited English Language Proficiency Tests, but comparatively, IELTS has been a go-to choice for migrants who have been aiming for countries like Canada. The IRCC in Canada does not find PTE-Academics as a recognition, but it has been granting VISA for those with IELTS since 2005.

All immigrant departments prefer IELTS over any other English Language Proficiency Test. Every destination in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK accepts the IELTS examination. IELTS and PTE offer academic courses, but IELTS also offers general training to those migrating to Australia.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between IELTS and PTE

Pearson Test of English (PTE) and IELTS, the International English Language Testing System are internationally accepted by institutions and organizations. But when choosing, one needs to access sets of advantages and disadvantages the tests offer.

1. Test Format of IELTS VS PTE

When comparing the test modules of IELTS, there are usually 4 forms of significant tests. Differentiating the two, IELTS and PTE becomes possible by drafting the below comparison.

Purpose English language tests for academics, immigration, employment, and professional licensing. English language proficiency assessment for academics and immigration purposes.
Sections Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking
Types of Questions Multiple-choice, Interactive tasks, and Written tests Short-answer, Multiple-choice, Essay, long answer
Duration 2 hours and 15 minutes computer-based test 2 hours 45 minutes, plus additional 10 minutes of transfer time
Score Marked between 0 to 90 in individual sections and the overall. Individual band scores from 0 to 9, marking and same for the total
Validity of Score The validity of PTE results is 2 years from the test date 2 years from the IELTS exam date and cannot be extended

2. Quicker Results between IELTS and PTE

When it comes to more flexible scheduling, exams, and fast-processed results, PTE is more popular. PTE is gaining more popularity because of easier computer-based delivery and reporting time within 48 hours. With needed study and preparation resources, you can upgrade your listening, writing, and speaking skills, while making them more suited to your learning schedule.

3.Which Test is Easier: IELTS or PTE?

IELTS is relatively more difficult than PTE, but it depends. In case you do not have sufficient command over the English language, you may find it tough to get a high band score in IELTS. By analyzing the test strategies, format, and content, and preparing for the difficulty level of each Language test you can determine which of those is easier for you.

4.Innovative or Traditional Test Format

PTE is a comparatively more innovative test format used to assess English language skills for study or work abroad. In contrast, IELTS can be a good option for those, who have strong grammar and vocabulary skills, and find it comfortable to attend the test in a traditional setup.

IELTS vs PTE: Registration and Fees

IELTS Registration

When it comes to IELTS registration, you need to pre-book your date on the available dates. You can either choose to appear in a paper-based IELTS test or a computer-based one. By entering your passport details, personal information, and information, you can book your IELTS seat online or by visiting a nearby IELTS test center. The registration of IELTS as per the updated ones are,

English Language Test Registration Fees(NPR)
Paper-based IELTS Rs 27,100
IELTS on Computer Rs 25,300


PTE Registration 

As a 2024 candidate, you can simply register for your PTE exam. Sign in or log into your “My PTE” account. Then, select a nearby PTE exam center for your computer-based exams, and fill in the details. Proceed by paying the PTE registration fees of NRs 25000 (approx) to appear in the exam. 

IELTS Preparation Tips

PTE and IELTS both examine the English language skills, through listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. However, the format, content, and scoring differences between IELTS and PTE cannot be denied. Some of the IELTS preparation tips are listed below, 

  1. 1. Start early on IELTS preparation
  2. 2. Assess your strong and weak points, and focus on areas of improving
  3. 3. Practice more often with IELTS preparation materials 
  4. 4. Use IELTS practice tests to improve your overall grammatical and vocabulary skills 
  5. 5. Focus on accuracy and Fluency in English-speaking 
  6. 6. Actively listen to a variety of English accents and interviews 

PTE Preparation Tips  

Is PTE preparation a daunting Task? Well, as you thoroughly understand the requirements and familiarize yourself with the format and content, your views on the difficulty of PTE might change. 

  1. 1. Practice Speaking referring to native pronunciation and accuracy
  2. 2. Make the most of free and technology-based PTE resources, like, apps, online courses 
  3. 3. Stay updated on current affairs and prepare to address global issues
  4. 4. Appear in the PTE Mock Test to self-assess your skills 
  5. 5. Strengthen your writing skills in adherence to PTE-style essays and summaries
  6. 6. Make a realistic preparation schedule and manage time promptly 

Factors to Consider when choosing IELTS Vs PTE 

IELTS and PTE are some popular English Language Proficiency Tests to choose from when you are planning your study abroad destinations. Here are some factors that help to make an informed choice between IELTS and PTE, for your study destinations abroad. 

1. Institutional Requirements 

Based on the institutional requirements, whether your institution is recognizing IELTS or PTE, you can make a choice. PTE has also been gaining more appreciation worldwide over the years. By adhering to the requirements of the Designated Learning Institution, one can make a selection on the test to appear between IELTS and PTE. 

2. Test Format Preferences 

IELTS as earlier mentioned has a traditional format whereas PTE is a more sort of interactive-based task. Based on what you prefer, traditional forms or tests or interactive formats, you can make a better choice. 

3. Availability of Test centers

Most importantly, choosing IELTS or PTE based on the availability of a test center near you can be a good idea. In most countries, many centers for IELTS and PTE are available, so get a book of your IELTS or PTE seat today. 

4. Budget: 

You can also consider what test is right for you, based on the budget. However, IELTS academic and PTE academic costs are more or less similar. Additionally, you can consult with experts and educators when choosing between IELTS and PTE. 


Needless to say, IELTS and PTE both have their advantages and some drawbacks. But what you need not miss out on is considering your comfort level with interactive tasks, and familiarity with test format and Technology. Make sure you assess your test-taking style preferences and work on weak areas to make things stand out to your benefit. IELTS and PTE, both are equivalent, in top Institutions globally. 

But check if your desired Educational Institution recognizes them. The aforementioned are some key differences that can help you when making a choice. A positive and ever-learning mindset is what sets differences and helps you score more, be it IELTS or PTE. Why waste your time lagging in decision-making, practice IELTS with Macro hub, and even research online for PTE? Get yourself working. 




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