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Top 10 In-demand Course to Study in the USA

Top 10 In-demand Course to Study in the USA

Top Course to Study in the USA

The in-demand course to study in the USA has had its own transiting over time, influenced by technological, environmental, and psychological factors. In the case of International students planning to pursue their academic pursuits in the USA, the VISA process and immigration policies also impact their educational choices and demands. Most current job trends and societal factors also shape the academic preferences of students. In this blog, you will find a detailed analysis of the Top 10 Best demanded Courses to Study in the USA.

1. Computer Science and Information Technology

Technology is molding the dimensions of the academic future. Students are majorly demanding a major in Computer Science to study in US Universities.

Is Computer Science a Unique and Most Demanding Major to Choose?

Computer Science is one of the most preferred courses amidst digitalization and technological advancement of the World. Some major Computer Science related courses you can choose for your further studies are listed below:

  • Computer Science & Molecular Biology.
  • Applied Urban Science & Informatics.
  • Information Management Systems.
  • Urban Science & Computer Science.
  • Computer Science-Networking & Systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence Certificate
S. No Top University for Bachelor in Computer Science Tuition fees per year
1. Stanford University Avg. $61,731
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Avg. $59,750
3. Carnegie Mellon University Avg $62,260

In Computer courses, you can focus on the knowledge of Computer Networking and computing. Microsoft, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Web Design, and Development, and a variety of range of options are there to pursue your career. Computer Science courses offer the potential for students to get top-notch jobs, enhancing their ability to earn higher than average salaries, and even aspire to fructify career goals.

The aforementioned universities are Top Notched Universities for Computer Sciences courses in the USA. Also, you can check on Dakota University, Southern Utah University, and other desired college options when you are planning to pursue a Bachelor in Computer Science and relevant IT undergraduate program for International Students.

2. Healthcare and Nursing Courses in the USA

As the healthcare and medical industry is expanding, an increase in demand for medical and healthcare professionals is observed. As per the stats obtained, the tuition fees for Nursing and Health care courses in US universities fluctuate between 12,930 USD and 65,156 USD per year. It depends on the course and University you choose based on your interests.

Some Affordable Universities for Health Care to Study Nursing in the USA are listed.

S.No Name of University Annual Tuition Fees
1 Husson University 18,290 USD
2 Colorado Messa University $24,849
3 Florida International University $19000 approx
4 Houston Baptist University (HBU) Around $32,530
5 CUNY Lehman College Around $18,580

3. Business Administration and Management Courses in USA

In Business administration and management courses in the USA, you can have a detailed and brief overview of corporate culture, organization structure, operation, and business development and strategies. Managerial decision-making, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Productivity functions are core preparation that managerial courses offer you. It appears to be one of the flexible and affordable undergraduate business option for you to pursue in the USA.

S. No. Name of University Tuition fee per year
1. McNeese State University 11,075 USD
2. Campbellsville University 25, 600 USD
3. California State University 16,800 USD
4. MIU City University 7,340 USD

4. Engineering Courses in Demand in the USA

What are the courses that USA Universities are offering to the Students willing to pursue Engineering as their major? As per the stats of the USA, out of the top 15 best-notch Universities of Engineering are located in the USA. You can choose your desired Engineering courses, and you could also refer to the below-stated demanded engineering courses in the USA

S. No. Name of University Annual Tuition fees
1 The University of Texas $85000 average
2 Harvard University around 75,000 USD
3 Cornell University $40,996 average

Demanding Course for Engineering

  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Data Science
  • Bachelor in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

5. Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics courses are popular in the USA, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. The estimated annual tuition fees, in the top-notch US Universities, are demonstrated.

Meanwhile, you can also make an estimate of a Bachelor in Data Science and Master, by referring to and visiting your desired courses in US Universities.

S. No. Name of University Annual Tuition fees
1. University of Washington Approximately $39000
2. New York University Avg. $56,500
3. University of California Around 53000 USD
4. University of Chicago Around $58,230

6. Environmental Science and Sustainability courses in the USA

One of the in-demand courses in the USA is Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies in the USA. The courses offer environmental planning, policy, conservation biology, environmental engineering, sustainable agriculture, and relevant studies.

S. No Name of University Annual Tuition Fees
1 Colorado State University $53,000 approx.
2 Yale University $59,000 on average
3 University of Vermont $42,516 approx.

7. Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting Courses in the USA help you to understand the fundamentals of business and accounting. Here are the perks of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Accounting in the USA, the degree can be revered worldwide. Also, you can join the multinational company's hub in the USA, by enrolling in accounting studies. The USA salary ranges from USD 31,000 to over USD 90,000 for an Accounting Professional who specializes in US courses and completed a Bachelor's degree.

You can refer to Top Universities in the USA, to study high in-demand courses. In a detailed presentation, alongside, annual tuition fees are shown.

S. No Name of University Annual Tuition fees
1 University of Michigan $52,266
2 University of Pennsylvania $60,042
3 University of Chicago $63,801
4 The University of Texas at Austin $39,322
5 University of Illinois $34,312
6 Indiana University $37,600

8. Psychology and Counseling

A Psychology and Counseling Service degree provides recognized skills and knowledge to interact with people and understand their emotions and other aspects of human behavior. What are the main reasons why you should Study Psychology?

You can opt for a counseling psychologist to address your client's emotions, stress, and social, and living patterns of life.

S. No Name of University Annual Tuition fees
1 Harvard University Approximately $50,000 to $ 55,000
2 Stanford University Average $57000
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology About $56, 250
4 Yale University Around $58,000

9. Education

Courses of Major in Education are also the ones you can consider if you are planning to move to the USA on a study permit. It is also an in-demand course in the USA, while some courses offered are,

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education and Public Policy
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development (Education)
S. No Name of University Annual Tuition Fees
1 Columbia University Around $64,000
2 University of California Around $45,000
3 University of Michigan Approx. $53,000
4 Michigan State University Approx. $42,000

10. Biomedical Science and Research

Biomedical scientists and research experts are in top demand in the US job market. Biomedical engineers have globally better job prospects based on their specialisms in evolving life sciences, physiological sciences, medical physics, and bioengineering. As a research and biomedical enthusiast, you can apply for a University program to enroll in the US, in courses like,

  • University of Arts in Biomedical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Computation
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology
S. No Name of University Annual Tuition Fees
1 Harvard University $50,000 approx.
2 Johns Hopkins University Around $55,000
3 University of California Around $44,000
4 University of Wisconsin Around $40,000


You can self-analyze your academic interests and goals in reference to the aforementioned information. Based on your preferences, you can shortlist some of the demanded courses in the USA and align them with your career aspirations. Hereby, you can also contact Macro Hub for Consulting Services for Student VISA processing to enroll in top-demanding courses in the USA.

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