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Total Average cost to Study in USA for Nepalese Students

Total Average cost to Study in USA for Nepalese Students

Are you looking forward to exploring opportunities in the USA? Here is some useful information for students, academic expenses, and other living expenses in the USA.

Study in the USA from Nepal

The USA has become a significant educational hub for students around the World. Every year a million students choose the USA as a global learning hub. This article intends to provide a detailed analysis of the cost of studying in The USA and reach those educational enthusiasts intending to join their desired courses in American Universities.

Learn with us, about the US educational system, and the right guide about academic expeditions in the USA. The courses' tuition fees, admission fees, and the relevant cost of staying in the USA may vary as per the educational courses and programs they opt for in a University.

How much does it cost to study in the USA From Nepal?

American Universities provide a range of education programs, be it from diplomas to masters level. You can enroll in your specific courses and Universities. We hereby explore on average tuition fees costs around the year for different educational levels.

Tuition Fees for Nepalese Students in the USA

S. No Educational Institution Average Annual Tuition Fees
1 Community colleges $6,000 to $20,000
2 Public Universities $20,000 to $40,000
3 Private Universities $30,000 to $70,000
4 Graduate programs $30,000 to $90,000
5. Doctoral Degree $33,000 to $60,000

*Note: Though studying in the USA is relatively expensive, it is worth investing your education in the USA to secure your future for global opportunities. Also, you can apply for different scholarships and other financial opportunities to have an affordable education in the USA.

Accommodation costs for Nepalese students in the USA

Accommodation costs for Nepalese Students in the USA vary on the time of the year they choose, their lifestyle, and the city they prefer living in. Not all students pay an equal amount of accommodation costs when living in the USA, and this may be a subjective approach to calculate.

On average, Nepalese Students are expected to spend $1,200 to $3000 per month for accommodation in the USA. Breaking down the accommodation costs for you, some popular accommodation are:

  • Homestay

    International Students can also look for homestay options to live with a local American family. More than 5,000 homestay facilities are provided by host families to Nepalese students who are looking for an ideal place to live, either for long or short duration. As per USA, you can apply your homestay application online, based on the city, the costs may vary. On average, homestay inclusive of all utilities ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per month for a student.

  • On-campus accommodation

    Students in the USA can also opt for on-campus accommodation, but this typically is believed to be expensive for students. Some Universities also have a provision for compulsory on-campus accommodation, which you can check on when finalizing your admission. Usually, the accommodation costs on campus range from $1,100 to $2,000 per month.

  • Residence Halls

    You can find a range of residence halls in the USA to live at when studying in the USA. You can find traditional dorms, suite-style dorms, apartments, and Greek housing as accommodation options when considering living in residence halls. From small community colleges to Large Universities, residence halls are found in all, and you can apply for one. Some top Universities and their residence halls costing are listed below,

  • Rentals

    Rental costs may vary based on what you choose hostels, guesthouses, or shared rentals. For finding suitable accommodation for Nepalese Students in the USA, their budget, needs, and preferences need to be accessed. The average rental cost of an apartment in the USA under budget can be around $1700 per month. Based on the location, quality, size, and other amenities, rental charges may vary. Cheaper options could also be found in some remote locations around $600 per month.

University Residence Hall Cost (per month)
Pristine University $800-$1500
University of California $1500 to $2500
New York University $2,200 to $3,300
University of Texas $900 to $1,800
Arizona State University $1,000 to $1,800

*Note: The charges may differ, based on single or double-occupancy residence halls, and meal plans you choose for yourself. These costs may change as per academic year and other factors.

Other Living Costs for International Students in the USA

The estimated living cost for living in the USA under budget, can be around $10,000 to $18,000 per annum. On average, the living costs in the USA, for a week can range:

Expenses Average Costs per Week
Groceries and eating out $100 - $200
Entertainment $60 - $120
ISP and phone $10 - $20
Gas, electricity $10 - $20
Public transportation $20 - $40

*Note: Your average weekly expenditure can be around $250 to $400, but prices still can vary, based on your lifestyle choices and habits.

Health Insurance Costs in the USA

It is mandatory for International Students to have overseas health coverage when traveling to the USA for study. Prior to the travel, they must pay health insurance fees that are around $1,000 to $2000 per annum. This insurance policy in the United States has allowed students to cope with their medical expenses in unseen circumstances.

Minimum Wages per Hour in the USA for International Students

As per the US policy, $7.25 per hour is the federal minimum wage for part-time workers. The rates fluctuate as employees are aware of high living expenses in high-cost cities. This is why the minimum wage rate is increased for that state. Find some of the minimum wage rates as per states attached below:

  • Missouri: $12.00
  • Nevada: $10.00
  • North Carolina: $7.25
  • Puerto Rico: $8.50
  • Washington: $14.49

Besides this, US Student VISA allows students to work part-time on their campus, for 20 hours a week in session. And during college breaks, students are allowed to work 40 hours a week.

What are the advantages of studying in the USA from Nepal?

From offering high-quality education to enrolling in a diverse range of academic programs, there are perks for students pursuing their higher education in the USA. Several advantages of studying in the USA are there.

1. Top-Notch Faculty

USA provides numerous research opportunities and benefits students with top-notch faculty. Also, American Universities allow students with a range of subjects to choose from based on their interests and goals.

2. Cultural Exposure

Studying in the USA provides a diverse culture, where students can exchange their values, and traditions, and understand global perspectives. By studying together with a range of ethnic, religious, and ideological groups of students, you can have a global understanding of culture.

3. Extensive Academic Opportunities

Studying in the USA allows students to collaborate with leaders and research in numerous fields. Also, by selecting your own preferred course you can get extensive opportunities to tailor your own passions and aspirations in your learning process.

4. Global Job Market

Throughout the innovative academic pursuits in the USA, you gain the caliber and potential to tackle global conditions. The top-tier education in the USA has become highly appealing to students as you can easily access the global job market. The United States also ensures well-paying jobs and good careers for students.

5. Independence

By educating yourself in the USA, you can get opportunities for personal growth. Gaining knowledge of technology, novel culture, and stepping out of your comfort zone, while exposing yourself to new dynamics, makes you independent. Apart, these seminars are conducted annually to help International students accommodate their country.


Navigating through the cost of study in the USA, you can make arrangements for your financial aspect. Though it seems challenging, through proper financial planning, budgeting, mindful accommodation, and other expenses, you can make sound decisions to study in the USA. Embrace opportunities for increasing your potential and having personal freedom and independence in the USA.

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