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Macrohub Educational Consultancy Pvt.Ltd is a professional educational consultancy offering high-quality yet affordable and reliable test preparation and accurate advising services for students seeking to study abroad for Australia, UK , Canada, USA and other European countries. We practice improving our processes and services continually so as to seek higher levels of excellence.we provide the students with authentic and up-to-date information on the universities and our dedicated and experienced staff make the application process effective and time-saving.

Macrohub is a very reliable platform that you can trust. We believe in building relationships of trust. We understand that our clients invest immense trust in us respecting this association, we do not under any circumstance compromise on integrity. Despite Nepal having one of the economies in the world we always maintain a commitment to placing the well-qualified Nepalese students into the best possible 'right fit' schools in abroad. We always aspire to match students with the institutions that best suit them academically and financially as well as socially. We have very informed and amicable advisers who enthusiastically guide the students from the day they step in Macrohub to the day before their departure to their destination.

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About us Image
Karan Saud
Message From Top Level

Message from Managing Director (MD)

I as a Managing Director of MacroHub Educational Consultancy express gratitude to those who believe in us and seek our professional assistance for our advisory and counseling services. Here in MacroHub, as a team, we understand and value your dreams to pursue International education and career. Our primary goal and ethics lie in assisting the students to make an informed choice about their education. We extend our expertise in authentic counseling prioritizing the needs and insights of our valuable clients and securing their future across the country. As a team, we aim to conduct various innovative research and assist students to travel across, be it in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries of preference.

Our team is dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities for students to pursue educational pursuits and choose the right University. Together, we aspire to assist students in paving successful educational milestones around the globe. Thanks for trusting MacroHub, as your genuine companion to secure your children and loved one's future. We are honored to be an integrated part of your journey to fulfilling your aspirations and dreams.

Karan Saud

Managing Director (MD)

Message From Top Level

Message from Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the CEO of the MacroHub Educational Consultancy, I am thankful for those who have vested their belief in us. As a part of a dedicated team with expertise, we have proven records of assisting students in VISA Documentation, and other academic assistance. In fact, we are enthusiastic to provide academic excellence and authentic counseling to young individuals. Our focus lies in addressing the educational needs and grievances. Also, providing extensive academic guidance, assistance, and training campaigns to students in their overseas journey is a part of our goal.

By choosing MacroHub, you can explore the global educational trends and shape your own experience by choosing the right course for you. We are an integrated and committed team who are prioritizing your values and turning your dreams into a reality. Thus, we look forward to tuning in your odyssey of enlightenment.

Mamta KC

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mamta KC

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Our Working Process

How we Work ?

how we work
  • 1

    Student Screening

    First, we evaluate the qualifications, skills, and potential of students to succeed in their desired educational pursuits and to ensure a good match between students and the programs they are applying for.


  • 2

    University Assistance

    Our experienced team ensures a smooth and efficient process, helping students secure admissions to their desired universities abroad.


  • 3

    Admission Assistance

    Our dedicated team provides guidance on meeting admission requirements and deadlines. 


  • 4

    Documentation Guidance

    We assist students in understanding and compiling the necessary documents for their study abroad applications, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and more.


  • 5

    Visa Lodgement

    We assist students in understanding visa requirements, preparing the necessary documentation, and completing the application accurately.


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